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checks. to be parochial about this, in the district of columbia it would mean nothing to us regardless of any proposal did last year, the metropolitan police department recovered 1600 firearms. the year before, 2000 firearms. since 2003, more than 20,000 illegal weapons have been recovered in the district of columbia. no legal weapons allowed, and yet we recovered over 20,000 weapons. no legislation is dealing with this problem and a lot of urban problems. >> charles? >> that is exactly the core of the issue, that is the conundrum of the reason the assault weapon ban of the mid-90s, which lasted a decade, had no effect, is because it left existing and circulation the weapons people already had. unless you're going to confiscate, which australia did, but we cannot under the second amendment -- part of our constitutional understanding is that the right to bear arms predates america, the establishment of the country, and the government will is to secure rights and not to take them away -- unless you repeal the second man and confiscate guns, as colby indicates like in the district of colu
, howard county, kent county on a 2-hour delay. >> columbia, timonium on a 90 minute delay. the united states naval academy on a 2-hour delay. >> gillman, on a 2-hour delay and roland park and the united states naval academy. look at the bottom of the screen, thank you for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. we have the entire team with you, coverage going on insides and outside. lynette has you looking at the weather forecast, the colorful blob, you are watching the roads to make sure slick spots are tended to. >> a portion of 95, harford is shutdown. i will have the details coming up. hopefully it will end soon. >> tapering off around 10:00, 11:00, things getting ramped up, we can see all the blue out there, that's indicative of snow coming down on maryland's most powerful radar. don't think you are just getting snow in the blue, we are having wintery mix, mixing in as well. the pinks moving in. the green indicative of rain across the area. we have sleet, snow, and also freezing rain across the area this morning as well. we are going to be in the thick of things as
the team returning to the district of columbia. they've been playing at fed ex field in landover since 1997. and now bruce johnson reports that d.c. mayor vincent gray wants a name change to be a part of any future relocation discussion. >> reporter: mayor gray says there's been no commitment from skins owner dan snyder but there have been talks. have you had a discussion with dan snyder about bringing the redskins back to d.c. say in five years? >> i've talked to the team. we have had very preliminary discussions. >> reporter: the mayor suggested the team would have to undergo a name change. >> there's no doubt there's going to have to be a discussion about that. >> reporter: native americans and others consider it a racial slur but team owner dan snyder has won court battles to keep it. mr. mayor, you think the name ought to be changed? need to drop the redskins? >> i think it has become a lightning rod. i would love to be able to sit down with the team, bruce. i'm happy to do that to sit down with the team and others who are concerned with this and see if a change should be made. >> repo
consolidacion de escuelas en el distrito de columbia..habra movimiento de estudiantes de un plantel a otro. resurge el llamado por una reforma migratoria a solo dias de la segunda toma de posesion de barack obama nueva imagen y nuevas metas son las de esta aerolinia que hoy inicia un nuevo camino. continua vigente la probabilidad de nieve e para esta noche en el area metropolitana... hola que tal?... bienvenidos! !! la canciller de educacion del distrito de columbia anuncia el cierre de algunas escuelas... asi es, este anuncio es parte de un plan para consolidar planteles... este plan ha originado preocupacion entre educadores y padres de familia... continua el plan para reformar las escuelas publicas del distrito de canciller de educacion anuncio que 15-planteles seran cerrados y consolidados con otras razon, el bajo numero de estudiantes matriculas en algunas escuelas... "de la manera que estamos organizando las escuelas, pensamos que podemos disminuir algunos problemas, tambien trabajar con la comunidad para asegurar que todo marche bien" 13-de las es
, you will know that is a maryland terrapin right there some of the district of columbia. the superdome is looking a lot better than the last time i was in new orleans for hurricane katrina. this is the place where people took refuge with the waters rose. they put a lot of money into it to make it look absolutely perfect. as we look into downtown new orleans, just past that is the french quarter. that is one of the places where the fans will be heading, looking for music and good food. sorry to say we have not had a chance to sample any of that good food since we arrived, but it is in our plan. people are looking for gumbo and jambalaya and po boys. alligator is on the menu here in new orleans here and when you eat, you will be hearing music. there is street musician everywhere, blues groups and jazz groups. it's a quiet town right now, but people are starting to show up and it's going to be a wild week. >> thank you. thousands of fans packed said baltimore inner harbor today for a rally for the ravens. the loudest cheers were for linebacker ray lewis to plans to retire after
the gentlewoman from the district of columbia seek recognition? ms. norton: mr. speaker, i rise to offer a motion that is at the desk. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the motion. will the gentlewoman submit her motion? the clerk will report the motion. the clerk: ms. norton of the district of columbia moves to refer the resolution to a select committee of five members to be appointed by the speaker, not more than three of whom shall be from the same political party -- ms. norton: mr. speaker, the house is not in order and i cannot hear. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is correct. the house will come to order. the house will come to order. the clerk may proceed. the clerk: ms. norton of the district of columbia moves to refer the resolution to a select committee of five members to be appointed by the speaker, not more than three of whom shall be from the same political party, with instructions not to report back the same until it has conducted a full and complete study of and made a determination on whether there is any reason to deny delegates voting rights in the committe
of the earth but our politicians look like is that columbia bigger than texas and california combined the same is true of bolivia and peru these are large land masses to eradicate coca and to have a war on dandelions' good luck it's not possible. nonetheless gave them the sun columbias after 12 years of spraying and the eradication 12 years ago 90 percent of cocaine in the united states originated from columbia after a dozen years of intensive drug war in colombia about 95% of u.s. cocaine originates from columbia whereas less than 1% originates from bolivia and the libyans have done much better in terms of the ratification of excess coca and interdiction in cocaine transiting from peru and argentina and other countries and their own as cocaine. they've captured and seized more of that in the previous governments that were subservient to the u.s. interest so by any objective standard of the valenciennes have done better than the previous governments get our state department still denigrates their efforts at least in public. but they did the revocation in bolivia. there's been manual forced era
in his first term as mayor of columbia south carolina. and mayor scott smith, a republican from mesa arrest arrest. i want to begin with you mayor smith. give us an economic snapshot of your city, what you are facing as you embark on your second temple. guest: we have said there is no more bad news. we hit the bottom a year and a half ago and since then it's been a slow but steady improvement. arizona hit the bottom with foreclosures. we got hit in one of the worst ways in the housing boom but we are coming back. there is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. our city revenues have increased after about a three or four year slide. we are hovering at around 8% of unemployment over the december inflammation of the construction industry. but we are like a lot of the country we are in that steady low looking for that bump but it's not yet coming. host: your greatest employers who are they? guest: we are very much aerospace. we have a large airport and so aerospace and defense is big for us. so when we look at things like sequestration it has a huge impact on us. host: and the t
about the world. and that's how i ended up at anthronothing columbia. >> host: what did your parents do? >> guest: in mom and dad, both working class, in the medical profession, but they worked at bellevue hospital, doing a very particular kind of work. they're both dietary aides and my mom went back to school when i was still in high school to get her college degree and become a social worker, which is what she dead by -- she did by the time i got to howard, and they were continuing sort of struggle and trying to better themselves. they were learners until the day -- to this day, actually, still trying to better themselves, still trying to gain more knowledge from any crevice they could, so in some ways part of what i got from them was the idea that you never stop trying to learn more about the world and translate what you're learning into other things you can do to be productive to be a critical citizen of the world. so i think they're noth very different kind of ways model that but they model that as do it tier aides and then a social worker to build a life for my mom and her family.
when he got to new york and columbia and those four years, some called him barry and some called him barack. >> host: why did he choose occidental, and why transfer to columbia? >> guest: well, he chose occidental because he got a partial scholarship, and because he knew a lot of people that were going there. and the way he tells the story, there was some girl from brentwood that he met in honolulu he met before that who was in that area, so he got attracted to go for that reason. occidental was like the next step. it was comfortable, very beautiful, bucolic, small, contained, elite, um, and, you know, the california sunshine was just like the hawaii sunshine. so he was very comfortable. it was a very important two years. he really started to expand intellectually then. i think he got his first sense of destiny during those two years. but he left because it was too much like hawaii. he wanted to experience the world. he was still on this arc of finding himself, and so it takes him from honolulu to los angeles to new york and eventually to chicago. but it was important to get to new y
. harry cohn at columbia, not only saw dailies, he knew how to look at dailies. (allen daviau) the first thing they looked at was how the stars looked. the cinematographer was under a great deal of pressure to deliver mood, to deliver drama, to deliver all the texture that the story demanded and at the same time keep the stars looking as good as the studio expected them to look. a strong structure watched over the technique of the pictures and enforced certain rules. (richard sylbert) one thing about the old system was that you actually designed the entire movie. you made all these choices. it was a world you created. it wasn't a world you went out and found. (narrator) it was the director on the set who orchestrated each craft in the storytelling process -- scripting, costume, production, lighting, camera movement, editing, acting -- supported by an army of experts working together to achieve the most emotionally compelling result. (director) all right, freddy, you know. you've been after the girl, unsuccessfully. so this time very tender, very earnest and very sincere and rather quiet.
legislation that would make the district of columbia the 51st state. it would be called new columbia but most people believe the bill has little chance of passing. >> that would open up a can of worms. >>> a hunt under way in south africa after 10,000 crocodiles escaped from a reptile farm in rising floodwaters. only half have been captured and one was found 75 miles away at a school rugby field. >>> let's check this elaborate rescue for a little lucky dog. rescuers were called to mcarthur park in downtown l.a. yesterday when someone spotted the dog stranded in the middle of the lake. >> i had to come out and see for myself before sending somebody out. it didn't seem possible. i saw the it stranded. >> rescuers had to swim to the dog, put her in a harness. and hoisted her on a zipline to safety. no microchip so unless her owner comes forward, she will be adopted. i bet she will get snapped up in no time. >> if they swam out, why don't they just swim in? >> maybe she would fight with them? >> she made it. >>> coming up they perform on the field
its thing. temperatures coming in at 28 degrees, westminster, pilesville 28, 31 perry hall, columbia 28 degrees, stevensville freezing degree mark k 31 goldsboro. really, it depends on the temperatures, where you are, to see what type of precipitation you are getting this morning. future trend, picking up didn't snow, the rain, the sleet , the freezing rain through the morning, we will get a break and it looks like we can see a round of rain pushing in as we go in to the afternoon. it looks like your morning commute is going to be a rough one, still it could be dicey as you come home, looking with just wet roadways across the area. be prepared for a slow type of day. future trend will begin to bring high pressure in over the next several days. we will see sunshine and drying. we have mix around 7, 10:00 explain showers by lunchtime, clouds hovering by 3:00 p.m. high temperature at 38 degrees, that is below averages we are at 42 now and making our way up. 53 by tuesday. look heading in to wednesday, thunderstorms possible, we will see if we have a chance for severe weather across the
. >>> in 2012, the district of columbia recorded its lowest murder rate in 51 years. murder was the only category related to violent crime which dropped. overall violent crime was up 3% last year. an increase in sexual assaults was largely responsible for the jump. assaults with a deadly weapon were up 6%. >>> police say the body found in the ventilation shaft of a building is that of michael stephen po. he was last seen leaving the same bar on new year's day. >>> it is 4:34. here's a check of other stories. prosecutors in india say they will seek the death penalty in a gang rape and murder of a woman on a bus in new delhi. the men have been charged with beating her and her companion. there is a sixth suspect being charged as a juvenile. the woman died of her injuries on saturday, and that case has sparked outrage and protest across the country. >>> transocean will pay $1.4 billion in fines and penalties in connection with the 2010 gulf oil spill. the justice department made the announcement on wednesday. that explosion led to the worst maritime oil spill in u.s. history. transocean was
spending cuts. and maryland in proximity to the district of columbia has so many jobs. not only people who work directly for the federal government, but people who work for contractors that supply the government. >> the governor is proposing in this budget to increase the rainy day fund from 5% to 6%. so that there is more money there. and there will also be a large amount of money in kind of a slush fund to use in emergencies. >> house steve michael busch will do the introduction of the governor. > [ applause ] >> and now say the state of the great governor of this state, martin o'malley. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you very, very much. thank you. thank you very, very much. thank you all. god bless you. thank you. thank you very, very much. mr. speaker, mr. president, distinguished minority leaders, lieutenant governor anthony brown, treasurer kopp, governor hughess, governor glendening, attorney general gansler, attorney general curran colleagues andy and county government, congressman cummings and edwards, mayor vincent gray from o
this weekend that you do not want to miss. >>> and everything is up to speed here on 07 at columbia pike. what traffic looks like on 95 and that's coming up on good morning maryland. >>> reducing gun violence and keeping your children safe, that's some of the governor's goals. this morning he is expected to present his public safety priorities for the 2013 session. he will implement new gun laws. he will include some of the toughest requirements in the country and a ban on assault weapons and reducing visitor access to schools. >>> lawmakers have a law that will keep pit bulls from being ruled as more dangerous than other dogs. you will be liable if your dog bites someone but you will not have to defend yourself if the victim prohe volked the dog. the law would apply to all breeds. it would get the full support for the house and lawmakers made it an emergency bill. that means if they get it passed and the governor signs it, it will go into effect immediately. >> it is all with about the birds. >> we are he showing our pride but into the weekend and now time to pull the orange and black out a
movemos a las calles residenciales." el distrito de columbia planea desplegar 200 caminones a partir del viernes en la tarde... se espera hielo en autopistas y calles por eso hay que tomar precausion al manejar " van a ver ciertas calles donde hay probabilidad de caer hielo asi es que al momento de frenar si es que hay hielo si puede crear problemas asi es que hay que estar atento a esa situacion." si cree que por manejar lento esta fuera de peligro, se equivoca dicen... "si tus vas mas despacio de lo que estan conduciendo los demas autos puedes, alguien te puede pegar por atras." el gobierno de washington tambien alerto a los peatones y ciclistas a tener cuidado al salir a la calle... y escuche bien, esto es para los duenos de casas en el distrito de columbia, ya que tendran 24 horas limpiar la nieve de las veredas de lo contrario podrian ser multados... las temperaturas bajo el nivel de congelacion continuan prevaleciendo la region metropolitana y ahora se suma el agravante de una nueva nevada... fanny gutierrez, buenas tarde..!! buenas tardes mario, en efecto, ante varios dias de an
the district of columbia the nation's 51st state. delaware senator tom carper and three others are sponsoring a bill giving d.c. full statehood. it's not expected to pass. but many say it's a promising sign that support for statehood is at least growing. delegate eleanor holmes -- it would name d.c. the new columbia ziefrm a bill allowing gay marriage in rhode island after a landslide approval in the house of representatives, it faces uncertainty in the rhode island state senate which has voted down every same-sex marriage bill since 1997. rhode island is the only state in new england to not allow same-sex marriages. it's currently legal in nine states plus d.c. >> a lawyer is suing one of d.c.'s most prominent law firms. she says they fired her for taking time off to adopt a child. pamela levinson filed that gender discrimination suit. he claims the firm fired her in february last of year when she was on leave adopting a daughter from china. she was passed over for promotions because of her age and gender. the claims have no merit is what the other side says. >>> how drivers could soon pick
, the keys, we're done. ♪ >> these images are of nicole colvehouse, hanging out with her family in columbia. but this is the first time after 36 years that she's seen them. in 1975, nicole was kidnapped from a park where she was playing out with her brother. she was adopted from an orphanage in columbia and ended up with an american family in the united states. she reached out to a blog called see colombia travel. when they heard her story they actively helped nicole fine her family. >> my family. these are my mother and father and brothers and sisters. >> how old was she when she was kidnapped? >> she was 4 years old when she was kidnapped. she apparently had a little argument with her brother and he walked away. so this moment, when she's reunited with her brother, has special meaning for her because he was the last person that she saw before she was kidnapped. via skype right this minute from california, we have nicole and and her daughter jordan. nicole, what was that moment like? >> i dreamed about it for so long and then to actually have it happen was -- it was surreal. >> do you reme
citizens in territories and the district of columbia. as this new congress begins, we have an opportunity to commit ourselves to the spirit of compromise which our constituents so desperately seek. our nation continues to face a number of challenges that can only be addressed by working together and giving every family the opportunity as leaders said when she spoke so eloquently to make it in america. let's take advantage of this session to start off on the right foot and show americans that we are ready to come together to tackle our greatest challenges. i thank the lady for the time and i yield back the balance of my time. >> gentleman from texas >> i want to address the minority leader the gentleman from maryland. he is a very dear and fine friend of mine. . i've enjoyed the opportunities to work with him and in fact what he said is true, i have offered myself to him in a way that would be fair and good not just for every member of this body but also for those that he represents. i will try and do my very best within the limits and constraints that i have and my attitude always to be s
: columbia. 2001 then at cambridge in massachusetts by to do film work and then off to the races. >> host: this is your third book? what could we learn from dave chappelle? >> guest: the quintessential example of someone who had enough of a certain version of race. he was famous for saying things how complicated and messy race could be that was funny but poignant and he decided he would not do his show anymore even with $50 million there is a way he was using race that was backfiring to reinforce america's worst animus' we thought he could not distinguish between progressive comedy. >> host: are we paranoia about stereotypes? >> by aid definition we're both very sensitive eyes and a psychologist to say that only do we negotiate the when we operate in space it enhances performance but to reproduce or d construct this is where people mention that when they see us they think they have the short-handed version. to make sure what they see is not what they get. with that empowered notion especially if we're different. >> and let you feel we learned from the member of congress, as cynthia mckinn
are high. no delays here on interstate 70. it's nice and clear from columbia pike all the way over to695. if you are heading out to the beltway. this is what the northwest corner looks like at old court road. no problems whatsoever. you're looking at a normal eight minute ride right now on the outer loop from 795 all the way down to 70. as we take a look at the other abc2 timesaver traffic drive times, no problems to report on thof 695. you're looking at an 1 # minute ride right now on the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. and 95 going to be in great shape. you are looking at just a 12 minute ride from columbia all the way do downtown baltimore. megan and charlie, over to you. >>> we have breaking news out of northeast baltimore this morning. two people are dead in a house fire. five other people managed to escape including a pregnant woman. abc2 news linda so has been following the story. she joins us live this morning with the latest details. >> reporter: firefighters now wrapping things up here. you can see they're wrapping up the hoses. the fire has been out for about four hou
this morning. he could face up to a year in prison after setting seven fires in columbia. those fires to close to half a million dollars in damage. >> 39 degrees at the airport. changes coming to 911. >> an abrupt end hearing in the colorado massacre shooting. >> how you can save your favorite monopoly peaciece. >> i always liked the thimble. the clouds will return. >> a busy start to your thursday morning commute. route 99 is closed i >> welcome back to 11 news today. 6:12. 38 degrees at the airport. .owntown is in the mid 40's we have some clouds overhead. those clouds leftover from a cold front that came through yesterday. we are starting to see the wind turned out of the north and west. 6 miles per hour in westminster. you can see the overall trend. slightly cooler weather through the morning. we have 39 at the airport. 47 downtown. 36 in parkton and in york. expect the temperatures to fall. cloud still hanging around from what is left of the cold front. the clouds help to insulate the atmosphere. these clouds will break apart through the morning. sunshine for a brief period. the temperatu
unidos.. el alcalde del distrito de columbia vincent gray dijo estar abierto a la posibilidad de colocar guardias de seguridad armados en las escuelas publicas de la ciudad... la asociacion nacional del rifle a presionado por el refuerzo de la seguridad en las escuelas, a raiz del tiroteo registrado el mes pasado en una escuela elemental in newtown, connecticut... el presidente del consejo de la ciudad phil mendelson, senalo que no esta dispuesto a apoyar la idea del alcalde... la canciller de educacion del distrito de columbia anuncio el cierre de algunas escuelas. esto segun dijo es parte de un plan para consolidar planteles, algo que ya ha originado preocupacion. maria rosa lucchini con los detalles. continua el plan para reformar las escuelas publicas del distrito de canciller de educacion anuncio que 15-planteles seran cerrados y consolidados con otras razon, el bajo numero de estudiantes matriculas en algunas escuelas... "de la manera que estamos organizando las escuelas, pensamos que podemos disminuir algunos problemas, tambien trabajar con la comunida
delays as you head down to route 40 or travel the inner loop up to 83. interstate 70 at columbia pike. traffic moving along and we have a crash on columbia pike blocking one lane of the ramp to route 175. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. charlie over to you. >>> news time 6:05. breaking news out of northeast baltimore this morning. crews worked overnight through the bitterly cold temperatures on a three alarm fire and abc2 news' sherrie johnson is live on the scene this morning. and we understand this was not a house, it was a commercial building. but what about any injuries? or to anyone involved there? >> reporter: well yes we've been out here talking with authorities on the scene and they are basically telling me the fire happened in a local business. this is a commercial building and they're also telling me there were no injuries. no civilians or firefighters were hurt while they were battling this fire. and as you can see here, crews are actually still on the scene here. they basically put out the fire and they're working on hot spots and you can see a little bit of
esperamos mañana consolidacion de escuelas en el distrito de columbia..habra movimiento de estudiantes de un plantel a otro. resurge el llamado por una reforma migratoria a solo dias de la segunda toma de posesion de barack obama nueva imagen y nuevas metas son las de esta aerolinia que hoy inicia un nuevo camino. continua vigente la probabilidad de nieve para esta noche en el area metropolitana... hola que tal?... bienvenidos! !! la canciller de educacion del distrito de columbia anuncia el cierre de algunas escuelas... asi es, este anuncio es parte de un plan para consolidar planteles... este plan ha originado preocupacion entre educadores y padres de familia... continua el plan para reformar las escuelas publicas del distrito de canciller de educacion anuncio que 15-planteles seran cerrados y consolidados con otras razon, el bajo numero de estudiantes matriculas en algunas escuelas... "de la manera que estamos organizando las escuelas, pensamos que podemos disminuir algunos problemas, tambien trabajar con la comunidad para asegurar que todo marche bien" 13-de
brizill, and i run a good government organization in the district of columbia known as dcwatch. rather than repeat a number of the issues that have been raised today, i'd like to try to enlighten people as regards my experience on election day and add a perspective as regards what went on in the district of columbia. as alice well knows since she served previously as the executive direct or of the d.c. board of elections, on election day i regularly go to anywhere between 40 and 50 precincts, and during early voting i not only visit the eight early voting centers in the district of columbia, but i visit them multiple times of the day. so my ons ovations are my -- observations are my own. in the district of columbia, we saw it all. we saw the problems with long lines, we had the issue with machines that jammed or didn't function, machines that were used and not used and staffing that caused problems in terms of opening up some polls. despite what was said earlier, all the polls did not open in the district of columbia on time. and, indeed, in the district -- rightly so -- the board of e
of the occidental classmates called him very. even when he got to new york, columbia, there were people who called in dairy and some barack. >> host: why did he choose accidental artist who the am i transferred to columbia? >> guest: teachers accidental because he got a partial scholarship and he knew a lot of people going there. the way he tells the story there were some girl from brooklyn who he met in honolulu before that in that area and said he got attracted to go for that reason. occidental was like putting a the next stop. it was comfortable, very beautiful, bucolic, small contained, you eat. and you know, california sunshine was just like to put a hollow sunshine. so it was very comfortable. it was a very important to years. it really started to expand intellectual event. he got his first sense of destiny during those two years, but he left because it was too much like put a hollow. he wanted to experience the world. it takes him from honolulu to los angeles to new york and eventually chicago. it is important to get to new york first. >> host: transfers to columbia. his first night in new
. we have to help them the way we helped columbia. we need to do a better job conveying a counter narrative to the extremist jihadist narrative. i said this to the committee before. we advocated the broadcasting arena. we have private stations and cnn and fox and nbc and all of that. they are out there and convey information, but we are not doing what we did during the cold war. our broadcasting board of governors is practically defunct in terms of the capacity to tell a message around the world. they are advocating the ideological arena and we need to get back into it. we have the best values and narrative. most people in the world want to have a good decent live that is supported by a good decent job and raise their families and letting the jihadist narrative fill a void. we need to get in there and do it successfully. >> from ohio. >> madam secretary, let me thank you for your service. i wish you the best in your future endeavors mostly. [ laughter ] i have a couple of questions, but i want to take a moment or two to say a couple of words about chris stevens. many members and
murders in the district of columbia. last year, 2012, there were 88. what happened? >> a lot of things have happened. the initial decline of the 500 down to the 200 range, that decline over a 10-year. was rolling down on the cocaine epidemic. the violence, we had 200 open air markets in the city. there would be drive buys and six or seven people would be shot and killed in a single incident. as the crack cocaine epidemic started to wane, we went down to the 200 range and we stayed there for a time. >> why did it wayne? -- wane? >> drugs 10 to spike in popularity and remain there and run 20-year cycles. there are still people who use cocaine and crack cocaine. it is nowhere near where it used to be. with the absence of that driving the violence, i think that dropped it down. we got stuck there for a long time. even when i took over in 2007, we were 169 in 2006, 186 in 2008. we were consistent with gang violence. that was born and accelerated during the crack cocaine. even when crack cocaine went away, the gangs did not. coming down from 186 to where we are now, in four years, a 54% drop
representative eleanor holmes from the district of columbia. thank you for coming on the program this evening. >> glad to be with you. >> john: i really appreciated your speech. it was very cold that particular january day. why did you feel the need to participate in this weekend's march. >> well, when we had hundreds of people from newtown coming down to march with us, the least i could do was to be there and to try to speak to the public about what is needed to get this congress to act. unless we see more of what the newtown residents and residents from this nation's capitol and around the region did on this weekend, you will not move this congress. the congress does not move unless we make them move. >> john: i agree with you. if the people lead the leaders have to follow. but while i admire the major theme of you're your people is to get the gun laws passed. with all the money gun lobbyists are throwning around on the hill and harry reid indicated he's not really interested, what impact can citizens hope to have in passing new gun legislation. >> i understand where that comes from. after
of columbia. they convinced us that this is working in other states. so we're going to give it a try in the district of columbia. >> marijuana is still outlawed by the federal government but now legal for medical purposes in 18 states. approved by 69% of the district voters in a referendum 16 years ago but delayed by congressional concerns and need for tight restrictions. morgan fox is with the d.c. base marijuana policy project. >> it had to be very, very tightly structured to make sure that it did not draw the ire of congress. now that it's going into effect, it's providing an excellent resource to show how this works. >> reporter: there are four dispensary centers and six caught stations centers are to be license the by the city. yvette alexander is chairman of the council's health committee. >> it is not a step toward the legalization of marijuana. it solely for for medicinal purposes. >> this was not something that was applauded. some who live in the district expressed concerns about having marijuana sold legally in their neighborhood. >>> today, parents say that kid got to che
to laurel and around college park and paragraph they are north up toward columbia and howard county getting light snow now. it is beginning to drop temperatures down to 30 in gaithersburg. whatever is falling is freezing on untreated surfaces. lingering salt from the previous snow event we had. a lot of it is melting on roadways. be extra cautious. if it looks wet, that could be ice. we have temperatures at or below freezing much of the region now and through 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., we're going to have that sleet and snow changing to light icing by 7:30, 8:00 this morning and continued light icing through 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 this morning. we'll have a thin dplglaze of i forming through the rest of the afternoon. as we get into tomorrow, warming up into the 50s and some sun back. could get rain on wednesday into the mild 60s. maybe even thunder and lightning wednesday afternoon ending wednesday night. turning colder after that. might get snow showers or flurries. still cold with sunshine returning. first 4 traffic now with danella and we'll have that coming right up. first, back to you
. where is the columbia journalism review people denouncing this in the culture. imagine if rush limbaugh said that. >> meet the press most david gregory who got a little bit of attention over look. >> let's stipulate that you are right and armed guards might work and widen the argument. this is a magazine foramnition that carries 30 bullets. if we got rid of these and replaced them and only center a mag wreen with five or 10 bullets. isn't it just possible we could reduce the carnage. >> that will not make one difference. >> sun hejoe shot up virginia tech with magazines with 10 and that is it standard. you have a problem with what gregory . >> yes, it is just too much. emille of the new york times pointed out david gregory is getting off. they are still investigating . it is illegal what he . but she points to adam mechler who is it a u.s. vet who stumbled in the vfw with ammunition and ended up going to jail having to give a plea bargain and register with the dc. >> you think it was appropriate. >> i am much more angry about david gregory soft ball interview with the president than him
the professor at national defence university and at columbia and that a high ranking pakistan a police official that now has the political scene when the political ecosystem that the pact is danny taliban chance when because although the m&a are sufficiently lined to allow the political space it enjoyed during the 2009 time period with denial about the pakistan the taliban and the threat that opposed. bright and fishman also works here a company with which you are familiar. he worked on two chapters was looking at the network than he is probably the only person watching who has met the defacto leader of his network. and also did a chapter where he would step back to look at the different taliban groups given the tech -- pakistan the state board a very interesting way to capture the topology. ken ballen of leading pollster in the muslim world to look at the sensitive political questions it is tricky but we had a good partner on the ground that helped us how to make this say scientific poll to explain some of those then wrote a book terrorist in love that is and is an account of the g. hardy and
until this morning. the district of columbia have approved same sex marriages. >>> secretary of state hillary rodham clinton suffered a blood clot in her head. it is locate in the space between the brain and the skull behind her right ear. doctors are treating her with blood thinners to help dissolve the blood clot and she is in excellent spirits. >>> they found the white house did not make major changes after the deadly attacks in benghazi libya. some question whether the present staff rewrote it for political reasons. >>> a gunman has ambushed a van of teachers in the western part of the country. six teachers and a man was killed and so far nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack. a young woman died in india. the attack has sparked outrage calling for more protection for women. local leaders will hold a vigil as well at the hundred due temple and -- hundred due temple in recognition of all the victims of rape. >>> oscar grant, on january 1st, a young father was shotot and killed by a bart police officer on the platform in oakland. oscar grand's family and friends will retu
trafficking on its own. columbia has not stopped it and peru is not doing it. the question is, how can you manage in a way that does not cause -- colombia has not stopped it and peru is not doing it. bolivia has really good innovation. that does not mean they do not have enormous challenges. bolivia is a transit company for cocaine from peru to big markets in argentina and new york. it is more complicated than just production and consumer countries. it is more complicated than bolivia's doing a good job or not. -- bolivians do a good job or not. >> you have been supportive. but the u.n. has also been critical. i want to put you a sound bite with the question was put about being called the control to the u.s. state department. fightivia's efforts to drug-trafficking without the assistance of the dea or other u.s. authorities may be having some of that impact, although it is controversial. has the u.s. seen these reports and what does the u.s. think about the efforts to deal with illegal trafficking and coca growing and distribution outside of a merit type relationship. >> we have longstandi
cocoa accord which are really like. a variety of energy drinks. an energy drinking columbia, a group produces which has a great flavor to it. again, it is not like drinking red bull. it is a very nice kind of stimulant. it would be much better for you. all kinds appointments, a variety of red. also these -- what they call titos which are basically cheese puffs that the government is distributing the kids. a free. i thought there were awful, but i guess the kids like them. i can send that i really hate coca toothpaste. but my point is that there are a variety of products that have very good uses and should be available not only in these countries, but also in the international market. a variety of uses beyond what coca-cola uses for flavoring. another hypocrisy of the @booktv of the hypocrisy that is pointed to in the book is related to the conventions. i was really struck reading your book. i had not realized it. this cozy relationship which in the u.s. drugs are for decades and the president of coca-cola. very cozy relationship. in the end the 1961 un single convention on narcotics,
for intentionally setting seven fires in colombia. the fires -- in columbia. the fires cost close to half a billion dollars -- half a million dollars in damage. a tractor-trailer accident forces part of the belt way too close for the second night in a row. this picture was posted around 10:00 last night on the outer loop of the beltway. the road was closed for hours as crews cleaned up a feels bill. -- fuel spill. >> we certainly have not had a wintry winter so far. not a lot of storms. temperatures have been for the most part not too terribly cold. today is going to be one of those days when our readings are above normal temperature-wise. and yes, we picked up a few high, thin cloud out there. nice dry day today at you and there is some stormy weather in ohio and indiana and kentucky. that storm is headed this way. eventually we will see a change, at least for awhile. the trend is for the temperatures to go up. that is one of the trends anyway. we will talk about it in the insta-weather plus forecast in just a minute to be bankrupt >> the ravens head to denver, considered underdogs, but ray lewis
now and they're being created by a company out of columbia at nightmare graphics and there you can take a look and see what you can buy. >>> and speaking of a look we're going to take a live look at a picture of washington, d.c. right now. the 113th congress of the united states will be sworn in today. lawmakers will convene on cap doll hill at noon. the new congress will have 20 female senators, the most ever in u.s. history. and for the first time, there will be an all female delegation from a state, new hampshire. and tammy baldwin a democrat in wisconsin will become the nation's first openly gay senator. >>> just ahead this morning, if there's good video out there especially of criminals caught on camera, you can rest assured you will see it here on "good morning maryland." >> something like out of a movie. take a look at this. within seconds you can see a van goes right through a gas station door and they drive off with the atm. we'll share the rest of the video with you when we come back. >> hang in there. the house leaders are now pledging to vote on getting victims from san
that borders british columbia. houses shook him up but no significant damage. after shock was about 5.1 and coufour hours after the break. to home, montgomery residents, this is an alert for you. thief are looking for a does hetealing people -- people's mail. most of the stuff were checks to pay for bills. the thief would after a fire ripped through a home. talking with neighbors, it might have started with a lighter. richard reeve is live on the scene. a person was pulled to safety, but did not make it. that is right. we got word that the victim has been identified as a 55-year- old. when you look at the house from t does not look like much happened. certainly not a fatal fire. neighbors say they saw smoke. they try to get in and rescue resident, but the fire was too much. a black indoor and a burned-out matches. it is sad that anyone would die. a fire that claimed the life of a woman trying to get out. i saw the flames. it was billowing. this neighbor spotted the through this window and called 911. the smoke was really bad. >> news chopper 7 shows you the fire apparatus. firefighter
heat. widespread sunshine jacking temperatures up into the mid-60s in bel air, mid-60s in columbia. mt. airy very warm. almost 70 in mardela springs. the breeze off the chesapeake, that kept you cooler than the rest of the state. the numbers are very, very warm. look at points south of us well into the 70s in roanoke and richmond. we'll stay in the warm air flow. parts of maryland likely pushing 70 tomorrow, but we'll be cloudier and rain by tomorrow night. this evening we stay dry, variably cloudy and dry. much more on the approaching rain system and another cold shot. it's straight ahead. >>> the baltimore county school also soon be more secure. county leaders outlined a series of new steps to help unwanted visitors out and keep the kids inside safe. >> reporter: although they still have to get approval for the almost $4 million price tag, the new measures will make this easier for them to respond to trouble and keeping an eye on things before trouble actually happens. every high school has a school resource officer inside but not every elementary school which relies on cameras and d
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